About Amanda

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Hi, I am Amanda Looker,

I first studied holistic therapies in the 1990’s quickly adding Sports Therapies, progressing to qualify as a trainer and an assessor.

I loved the holistic approach and my passion to explore the mind body connection lead me to study Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and CBT.

There was still a link missing. That part of the puzzle came when a colleague invited me to experience a phenomenal new therapy.

The Havening Techniques® (Amygdala Deportation Therapy). l was soon experiencing for myself the effect and power of The Havening Techniques®. I will never forget that feeling and outcome from experiencing Havening, and l was really excited to be able to share it.

From there, there was no going back, this was the connection or missing link, l had been searching for.

I enrolled on the first course available, l was privileged to train with the developer of The Havening Techniques®, Neuroscientist Dr Ron Ruden MD.  Along with Paul McKenna and Kevin Laye. I have been able to help many people, with many types of traumas or life events.

More recently, l trained in Steven Blake’s OldPain2Go®. Helping people with Old Pain that has been diagnosed by a medical professional and they have prescribed or suggested pain management. OldPain2Go® can help reduce or remove pain when it seems nothing else can.

I am passionate about keeping up with my training, and widening my knowledge, which enables me to give the best solution.

l offer a free 20 min consultation, either on the phone or online.

I am now focusing on using my knowledge to help people who have been through traumatic and stressful experiences, and those who are suffering in pain.  To help people lead the best life possible.

What is Havening?

With over 25 years experience within the complementary and holistic health area & having the privilege of training with the creator and Co creator, Dr Ronald Ruden and Dr Steven Ruden, of the breakthrough Havening Techniques® alongside Mr Paul Mckenna, I became one of the first licensed practitioners in the world able to offer this ground- breaking therapy. I can help you overcome emotional traumas such as PSTD, childhood/life traumas, bullying, victim of a crime, phobias, relationship issues, physical/psychological abuse or even guilt and anger. I recognise that, some issues may be difficult or painful to discuss, this is the amazing part with ‘The Havening Technique®’ That painful issues doesn’t need to be brought up again and again, in fact if the pain is not possible to be verbalised then I can still work with you. Helping you to move on, spending less of your valuable time reflecting or acting on the past, and enabling you to move forward to focus on a more positive future.

Havening & Paul McKenna

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“Havening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT), is going to change the face of therapy across the world. What used to take months to cure can now be achieved in minutes in most cases… PTSD, trauma, pain, depression and many more disorders. The initial study recently completed by Kings College London shows the remarkable effectiveness of this extraordinary set of processes. This is not to be confused with other psycho sensory techniques, TFT, EMDR, etc. Whilst they are very good, Havening is light years ahead.”

Paul McKennaPhD