Happily we have many success stories…

My session with Amanda was soul searching but extremely positive and has made an obvious shift in my life.
I have currently changed my job which I would not have had the courage to do – understanding that life is a journey and we sometimes need support to move on in our life.  I would recommend Amanda’s session you do not know until you try.

~ S. West Sussex

My session of Havening with Amanda enabled me to release the deep hearted feelings of guilt and sadness l had been carrying around with me. l feel burdens have been lifted and can now deal with facing demons without the sadness or the guilt. l now feel completely in control of my feelings and my life. Thank you so much for giving me that part of my life back.

~ T.H Sussex

I’ve been really good since our session, been doing it every day and have been less stressed.  My Fibromyalgia pain has virtually gone and I’m not taking my painkillers.   All in all I’m feeling better than I have done in ages!!
Thank you so much, I’m so glad I had it done x

~ B. Sussex

“Ever since I was a small child I’d had problems with not being able to sleep or the opposite where as I sleep to deep then sleepwalk, this past month has been particularly bad so bad I fell in my sleep and hurt myself quite badly. I went to see Amanda and I experienced Havening, I couldn’t believe it that night I had the best night sleep I can remember. I’ve slept properly for 5 nights with no bad dreams or sleepwalking, I’ve gone from depression to feeling alive full on energy and have the biggest smile on my face. I truly couldn’t be happier, I will be happy to experience Havening again,”

~ A. Sussex

I was 11 years old when l was attacked by a man at our local park toilets. It was a very traumatic experience which left me unable to access public toilets on my own. Just the smell of the cleaning fluid brought back the incident. Since the Havening therapy, things have changed dramatically and l after 45 years am able to use public toilets with no recall of the incident or fear. I will be forever grateful for Amanda’s Havening therapy

~ J. East Sussex

I had Havening treatment with Amanda, in my  life l had a lot of nasty experiences, which were affecting me in different ways every day. I only had the treatment once but looking back i think it did something to me i have felt more settled in my life and happier. I have started work, go to the gym, stopped drinking and smoking!! Coincidence?? Havening?? Who knows but since l saw Amanda my life seems to be going good and l am feeling pretty happy.

~ S. Sussex

My Havening was for a 15 year old trauma, a physical assault, leading to lifelong disabilities, alongside the psychological trauma connected with my 2nd husband who also beat me at regular intervals! So there was a fear of HIM and any man that slightly resembled anything like him! The Havening dispelled ALL the fear, making me a hell of a lot more confident in both the way l portrayed myself and reacted to other people, who might have felt were a threat! This after one session! XXXX.

~ E.S Essex

I have tried Havening twice. My first experience was dealing with some of my latest traumas and I saw clearly, Havening was perfect for me. I could not believe how it changed my view of my trauma and healed me in a way that previous therapy ever did. I have to admit that I was doing Psychotherapy and Cognitive Therapy for two years not managing to let go of my past trauma. After Havening, my mind & body felt healed, it felt like I had off loaded something off my back! Suddenly I felt so much space and air inside my mind & body that I felt phenomenal! I could not wait to get back to work!

~ Trauma client

Havening… never felt better! I am in New York at the moment and I can’t wait to get back to the UK to get my third Havening session!

~ A.V. London